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Corsicana Bedding are made in the USA

    There are many choices to consider when choosing your new bedding. First you should consider if you need a one-sided or two-sided mattress. The advantage of a two-sided mattress is that you can flip it over periodically to ensure even wear, the disadvantage being that it costs on the average $40 more per set for a two-sided mattress. The next thing to consider is if you want  Pillow Top or not. Pillow Top mattress sets have really grown in popularity over the past couple of years. If you like that super soft feel that still provides firm support, we recommend choosing the Pillow Top line.

    For the ultimate in sleep technology, consider the Foam Encased/Visco line of mattresses. The Foam Encased mattresses consist of a build up of a 2" foam bottom, a high density foam rail set, a 2" high performance foam topper, and a 2" layer of Visco Elastic Memory foam quilted to 2" super soft foam and Dacron. There is no need to flip the Foam Encased/Visco line of mattresses, so they only come as a one-sided choice.

The mattress and foundation, or box spring, are designed to work together to provide support and durability, so itís a good idea to buy a new foundation or box spring when you buy your new mattress. There are only two choices here. The Foundation set (wood construction), or the Semi-Flex (metal construction), with the latter being slightly more expensive.